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The Connecting R.O.D.S. Newsletter, is sponsored by the Ramblin' Oldies of Denham Springs, Inc. to promote street rodding, and the construction and preservation of pre 1949 street rods.  Articles do not reflect the opinions of the R.O.D.S. members or its officers.  Classified ads are free of charge:  R.O.D.S., P.O. Box #61, Denham Springs, La. 70727 or call (club secretary) Bobby Spann at (225)275-9868/E-mail: Bobbyspann@AOL.com               


- R.O.D.S. Run Date Change –

   Since we moved our rod run to early February we have only had one really nice weekend - weather wise that is.  So with that in mind we decided to move it back a month.  After working around Bayou Country Super Fest and the Holiday Inn’s schedule we came up with:  February 27 – March 1st, 2015.  We hope that won’t ‘step’ on any other runs, and will provide us with better weather for all our friends who still DRIVE their street rods!

   For room info call (225)924-7021 and ask for the RODS discount.  For (Free) swap meet info call Harry (225)766-6612 or for vendor information call Happy (225)938-3589.

   The t-shirt ‘car’ for next year will be Carl Cox’s 1947 pro-street Chevy pickup.  About time, according to all the truckers we have in the club!

   Reminder: Check out pictures from past rod runs at our website.  www.streetrods.org  Thanks Benny!



- NEWS –

      Tom Morgan sold his 1940 Ford coupe – the 2014 t-shirt car.  But if you were at the run this year you saw his “Streetrod 2.0.”  He built a beautiful black lowrider themed 1939 Chevy sedan delivery complete with wide whites, fender skirts and a big sun-visor.  Tom’s Tip- do NOT put hubcaps under your fender skirts then hook up all 6 carbs to cut in at once!  The hubcap will blow that freshly painted skirt off so fast…

   Carl Cox is our new Vice President, and we want to thank our outgoing VP Gil Parker.  Carl and Marvin Miller were working on Carl’s latest project, a ’37 Chevy sedan when they realized he could buy a running car and save time!  So he bought a ’37 off ebay and is busy swapping out the narrowed rear and other personal items from his project car before passing it on.

   Gordon Castleberry has his ’31 Chevy sedan on the road in record time, and the smile hasn’t left his face!  No hood, no fenders, no glass, no problem!



   The RODS club members (all 43 of us) have been out in force this year, making local runs, charity events and out of state car shows.  Each spring there are at least 2 shows a weekend going on in the South!  I thought “charity car shows” put on by churches and high schools were a recent thing – however ‘fund raising’ car shows started back in the 1950’s!

   The “Remembering the Angels” car show at Don’s Seafood in Gonzales April 13th was really nice with 120 cars, monster truck rides, crafts and food.  Plus a live band played tunes all day long.  Lots of muscle cars, trucks, lowriders, customs, VW beetles and hot rods.  Oh, and ‘Don Gonzales’ was there too!  They raised money for the guy who builds & gives away coffins for infants…  A really good cause.   

   Remember:  The way to attend any car show is to: 1) register 2) get there early, and 3) stay till the end!   



   The other day we got a “Fellow Pages” call from an Illinois street rodder passing through Baton Rouge.  The 2005 Chevy truck he bought over the Internet in Houston made it to Baton Rouge before a front wheel bearing went out.  On a Saturday night!

   Thankfully RODS member Lee Laurent went over the next morning with tools and a jack and got him back on the road. 




   Technology is dealing older hot rods another blow with modern motor oils dropping their zinc additives – necessary for flat tappet cams.  Probably a good idea to run either classic motor oil, or motorcycle oil in your older engines.  You can get a zinc additive, however too much of that will give you carbon buildup in cylinder bores and valve trains due to the phosphorus.  Good news?  The guys over at STP already have ZDDP in their famous oil treatment!  Only $2.64 at your local Wal Mart… 

   Run off the road into a deep ditch?  You can use a shiny music CD to signal for help!  Oh shoot, I have a cassette players!

   Air bag blow out?  If you can jack your car up high enough you might be able to stuff a short length of 2x4 inside the pocket.  That might just get you home…



   There are SO many car shows now days, it seems like every weekend some church or school or charity is throwing one.  Some are very well done, and some don’t have a clue how to put on such an event!  Typically every entrant should get a “goody bag” and there should be door prizes or free food… something to show for the registration fee.  And you should at LEAST get a dash plaque; lots of guys still collect those things. 

   Some local shows are really fun, and the AACA LSU Spring Garden Show in Baton Rouge is one I always take my mom to.  I know all the car guys and she knows all the plant people!  We did the San Francisco Festival too - lots of crafts, a kid’s play area and plenty of shade.  But folks, always call out the year, make and model of a winner as well as the car owner’s name!  Barry’s Picnic in Amite was great this past November with 125 cars, good food, perfect weather…

   Goodwood Hardware had a big car show in BR this year; if you need anything LSU - that is the place to shop.  And there is a Baskin & Robbins in the parking lot!  Zoar Baptist had a huge show in Central and drew over 250 cars!   

   Now that I’m retired I have been making more out of town runs than I have previously, even going by myself because… I got a GARMIN from my daughter!  I love her!  Uh, my daughter AND my new navigator.  But I have GOT to get my air conditioner fixed! 

   Since the last newsletter Benny and I widened the fiberglass rear fenders on his Model Y.  Talk about fun!  Then we shot the whole car John Deere Equipment Black - the day before we left for CTC!  (It’s a Spann brother thing) 

   Folks, when you retire the first thing you should do is to go out and buy yourself a vintage convertible!  I bought a 1970 MGB last summer and when I’m not under it, I’m driving it! 

Yep, a pre-war Ford roadster may just be in my future!      



   Sept. 27 – La. War Veterans Home Car Show, Jackson La. Free lunch and awards by the residents.  Mary 225 244-1513 

   Oct. 3-5 – Goodguys 22nd Annual Lonestar Nationals, Texas Motor Speedway in Ft. Worth

   Oct. 5-12 – Cruisin the Coast!  Mississippi Gulf Coast

Oct. 17-18 – 11th Annual Scarecrow Cruise & Car Show, Madison, MS

   Nov. 3-8 – Emerald Coast Cruizin.  Panama City Beach, FLA.

February 27-March 1, 2015= 37th Annual R.O.D.S.Run, Baton Rouge Louisiana!


   Every Saturday Morning: Rick’s Burgers & Seafood, Florida Blvd at Flannery Rd, Baton Rouge. 7:00am till about 9:00am.  Good, inexpensive food and free coffee!   

March – November:

   Second Saturday night:  Golden Oldies Cruise Night – Hammond Square Mall in… Hammond!

   Third Saturday night:  Gerry Lane Enterprises Super Cruise Night – Cabala’s in Gonzales.  The Homer and Olga Show! $3 entry.

   Classic Chevy Club Cruise Night:

Every Fourth SUNDAY - at the Sonic on Coursey Blvd. 4:00-7:00



-.060 OVER-

   Tech Tip:  Lots of us have ‘cooling problems’ and Doc Wells has found the best way to regulate your temperature.  Simply stick one leg (no sock) off the side of your bed at night.  Adjusting the amount of bare skin outside the covers will control how hot or cold you get while sleeping!  J

   On that subject – it hit me the other day why guys in the 50’s painted their firewalls white… to reflect the engine heat!  Driving my Model A to the last club meeting I was wishing I had done the same thing with mine!  GOT to fix that AC.

   Hot Rod Stamps are now available from your local post office, or you can order the ‘forever’ stamps online.  Too cool.

   If you hang around the RODS club long enough you might just see a funny looking toilet seat in someone’s car.  That is the “Driver’s Seat Award.”  It’s a tradition in a club that promotes driving your street rod.  If someone breaks down or runs out of gas, they have to sign the back of the seat then carry the “award” in their hot rod until someone else breaks down.  Man, the back of that reads like a ‘who’s who’ of street rodding!  Homer Thornton even carried it to the Del Mar Nationals in California one year!

   Several RODS members helped club member Kevin Abadie paint the floor of his 4,000 sq.ft. garage recently.  And we had fun!    

   Bill Adams is learning how to walk again after losing both feet to circulation problems.  Dick Wallendal had a broken knee replacement replaced; don’t know if it was still under warranty!  C.G. Mouch’s daughter donated a kidney to a lady she met in the hospital, & it saved her life.  Wow!  Please keep all these people in your prayers!  




The R.O.D.S. club meets the First Tuesday of each month at a club member’s shop.  Visitors are welcome; we usually gather about 5:30 for bench racing and supper, with the meeting starting at 7:00. For more info call Danny 315-6040.



Till next time!












P.O. BOX 61