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- NEWS –

   From what I can see Street Rodding is still alive and well!  Our 35th Annual R.O.D.S. Run had some good weather for a change, so we drew 150 street rods to the Holiday Inn South in Baton Rouge.  Hopefully we can up that number in 2014 as every day I see new hot rods driving around town.  Book your room now!  Can you believe, we have been doing this for 36 years?!

   Reminder:  Jerry Ramsey got the King Cake baby last year!  Thought we’d forget?!  Thanks to Gulf Coast Motorsports for their coverage in August and Cruisin Style Magazine for running our 2012 rod run report in November.  Seeing Bruce and Norm really brought back memories!  Check out pictures from past rod runs at our website.  www.streetrods.org  Thanks Benny!

   The RODS club members (all 44 of us) have been out in force this year, making local runs, charity events and out of state car shows.  We want to welcome the members who have joined in the past year: Troy Budd, Gordon Castleberry, Peter Burrows, Ray Schexnayder, Dempsey Pendarvis and Chris Jarreau (pending).

   In November Doug Miller had a huge auction in Baton Rouge to liquidate his car and motorcycle collection.  It drew a big crowd and the bidding was really interesting.  Of course he kept his 1940 Ford sedan delivery…  Can’t get rid of that one!




   True 3-day “Rod Runs” are getting fewer and fewer, and we need to really support those street rod clubs.  Pensacola upped their 2013 cut-off due to dwindling pre-49 turnout and that puzzles me.  I was there again this year as The Sunny Beaches Rod Run is definitely my favorite.  Held right on the island for under $70 a night, you could park and walk to all the area restaurants and sandy white beaches.  Or cruise the beach road! 

   This year Pensacola was very costly though.  I threw a fan blade through the radiator in the Model A on the way back home and had to put the “Blues Brother” on a rollback for the very first time since I built it in 1984!  Got a couple of electric fans behind a new Walker now, so I’m good to go.

   Speaking of cool, Cruisin the Coast was awesome this year.  Benny, Danny Varnado and I cruised over Wednesday for the block party and didn’t slow down until Sunday afternoon!

  The way to attend any show is to: 1) register 2) get up early, and 3) stay out late!  My cousin John Spink was at CTC in his big Army deuce and a half, but this year we didn’t shoot the .50 cal machine guns.  He had a pretty cool confetti cannon though.  No comment on the two female airmen from Keesler AFB we had riding with us… 



   This borders on morbid, but God forbid if you crash off the road into a hidden canal or gully, you can use a music CD as a mirror to signal for help.  Take THAT satellite radio!

   Remember at the start of every season (and before a long trip) get up under your car and put a wrench to all the critical nuts and bolts.  Check urethane suspension bushings too – they dry rot sooner than you think.  And remember, straight axle cars need to be greased often!  Originally I think it was every 200 miles!

   Kenny Angelo was telling us at a safety meeting to make SURE your IFS lower ball joint was designed to be a lower ball joint!  Some kits use an upper at the bottom and that is dangerous!!!   Proof in point, Joel Hedrick had a pic on his phone the other day of Adrian Jackson’s Speedstar on the side of the road with a… broken lower ball joint! 




   There are SO many events out there!  Every weekend some church or school or charity is throwing a car show.  Some are very well done, and some don’t have a clue how to put on a car show!  Every entrant should get a “goody bag” and there should be door prizes or free food… something to show for the registration fee.  And you should at LEAST get a dash plaque; better yet would be to have some event t-shirts available!

   Some local shows are really cool.  The LSU Spring Garden Show in Baton Rouge is one.  I always take my mom to that one.  I know all the car guys and she knows all the plant people!  The San Francisco Festival featured lots of crafts and a kid’s play area, but that reminds me: always call out the year, make and model of a winner as well as the owner’s name - not just a number!  Oh and   Barry’s Picnic in Amite was great this year with 125 cars…

   I finally retired last year so I was able to make more out of town runs than I have previously, sometimes going by myself if I couldn’t find a running buddy (Benny) cause now I have a GARMIN in my car so I don’t get lost anymore!  It was kinda nice working on my hot rod after Pensacola, and I have more plans for body and paint work for it in the future.  But it was plain FUN to help my brother widen his Model Y rear fenders then shoot the car John Deere Equipment Black - the day before we left for CTC!  (It’s a Spann brother thing) 

   Folks, when you retire the first thing you should do is to go out and buy yourself a vintage convertible!  I bought a ’70 MGB this summer and when I’m not under it, I’m driving it!  Yep, a pre-war roadster may just be in my future!      




  November 22-23 = Southern Style Cruisers Paragon Casino Run, Marksville, La. (318) 623-9899

  November 24th = Cajun Classic Chevy Club Toys for Tot’s Cruise.  Baton Rouge, Hooters on Corporate Blvd.

  January 25 = Mississippi planning meeting, Pearl MS


February 7-9, 2014= 36th Annual R.O.D.S.Run, Baton Rouge


  March 14-15 = Atomic Blast Rat Rod & Custom Show, Gulfport, MS. Gulfport Dragway.  Pinup contest, drags, flame throwing…

  March 21-23 = 36th MSRA Dixie Rod Run, Pearl MS @ Holiday Inn.  Pre-49, games, door prize auction, live entertainment. 

For info www.ms-sra.org

  March 30 = LSU Spring Garden Show, Baton Rouge

April 18-20, 2014 = Sunny Beaches Rod Run by Pensacola Rod-Tiques  free Friday meal; games, goodies and more.  New Motel: Days Inn, 16 Via De Luna Dr. On the Island! (850)934-3300 $129/night gulfside, $99/night inland.   For Info call (850) 939-3171.

  April 24-27 = Coon Ass Redneck Nationals– Hammond, La. Pre-75  Quality Inn / Motel 6.  For info:  601 684-2609

  April 25-27 = World of Wheels, Baton Rouge River Center


   Every Saturday Morning: Rick’s Burgers & Seafood, Florida Blvd at Flannery Rd, Baton Rouge. 7:00am till about 9:00am.  Good, inexpensive food and free coffee!   

March – November:

   First Saturday night:  Broadway Place Cruise Night, Denham Springs – Range Ave @ Magnolia Bridge Rd.

   Second Saturday night:  Golden Oldies Cruise Night – Hammond Square Mall in… Hammond!

   Third Saturday night:  Gerry Lane Enterprises Super Cruise Night – Cabala’s in Gonzales.  $3 entry.

   Classic Chevy Club Cruise Night:

Every Fourth SUNDAY - at the Sonic on Coursey Blvd. 4:00-7:00



-.060 OVER-

   I put some of those cool chrome screens over the headlights on my MGB.  And realized they would be a perfect match for the Model A chrome grill guards!  $12 a pair from Moss Motors! 

   With all the new guys into street rodding, it’s getting to where you need to wear a name tag during car shows!  And if you have one of those magnetic ones here’s a tip:  Put it on your shirt before putting it on!  AND keep that powerful magnet away from your credit cards and computer flash drives!!!

   We start most club meetings with “health matters” going over all of our ailments.  And I’m sorry to report a member of the Cajun Classic Chevy Club is going through his final days after fighting cancer for 14 years.  Les Tassin has been a pillar in the car community in Baton Rouge and he will be missed.



   Bill Adams had a bad auto accident this past year and recently lost a foot due to bad circulation.  Say a prayer for him!  

   Last but not least, if you’ve been to a car show in the Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Livingston area chances are the guy behind the sound system is one of our club members, Homer Thornton.  Homer and his wife Olga go to and put on a TON of shows, spinning platters (CD’s) and giving trivia on all the old artists.  You can buy a soda, popcorn or an old RODS t-shirt from them too!

   No surprise - Homer was voted NSRA Streetrodder of the year for 2013.  A deserving award for a guy who has done a lot of hard work to keep the car shows going, even if it means leaving his ‘31 Dodge sedan in the garage so he can haul his equipment. 




The R.O.D.S. club meets the First Tuesday of each month at a club member’s shop.  Visitors are welcome; we usually gather about 5:30 for bench racing and supper, with the meeting starting at 7:00. For more info call Danny 315-6040.




Till next time!
















P.O. BOX 61