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The Connecting R.O.D.S. Newsletter, is sponsored by the Ramblin' Oldies of Denham Springs, Inc Car club in order to promote street rodding, and the construction and preservation of pre 1949 street rods.  Articles do not reflect the opinions of the R.O.D.S. members or its officers.  Classified ads are free of charge:  R.O.D.S., P.O. Box #61, Denham Springs, La. 70727 or call (club secretary) Bobby Spann  at (225)275-9868/E-mail: Bobbyspann@AOL.com                



   What’s happening is the Ramblin Oldies car club keeps growing!  We are up to a record 34 members now, and we want to welcome the latest pre-49 street rodders to the fun: Harry & Ellen Jenkins who had a Deuce Roadster, but have already upgraded to a red ‘39 Ford Convertible with AC.  Dale & Joyce Mayeaux can be seen in their aqua 1947 Chevy Pickup and Robert & Rosemary Muse have a pink 1939 Chevy Coupe which is his daily driver.  Uh, but it’s a ‘manly’ pink!  Note that while some guys have more than one car, 25 members are now driving street rods, and several more are close to hitting the street! 

   RODS members have been driving in all directions to shows and rod runs this year too. Like the CENLA show in Marksville, the Coastal Cruiser’s Run in Slidell, the Red River Rod Run in Bossier City, Two State Rodders in Hammond, Pensacola Rod-Tiques 36th Annual Rod Run and the Mardi Gras Street Rodders run in Houma.  Of course we’ve hit a lot of events with ‘Goodguys’ and ‘NSRA’ in the title too.  Unfortunately we missed Calcasieu, so that is on the top of our “must go to” list for 2009!

   March, April, May and June are always busy, especially since non-car people have discovered how much money you can make throwing “benefit” car shows.  Even though they don’t compare to a real 3-day rod run, you can sure see a difference when a car club is involved in the planning and execution! 

   New club officers were elected in March; actually they are the same as last year.  Lee Laurent-President, Danny Frederic- Vice President, Doug Schaubhut- Treasurer, Bobby Spann- Secretary, and reappointed as Sgt. at Arms and to the Web Master position is the ever popular Bruce Broussard.




   We finally got some good weather for our 2008 rod run and it showed - with a total of 130 street rods!  We gave out Top 10 awards as usual, but also Best Paint, Interior, Engine and Engineered.  In addition we had 50 ‘sponsor picks’ and just about everybody got a really nice door prize.  Then we raised even more money for our partner charity, the Hospice Foundation of Baton Rouge.  The non-profit does some great work.


   The live band “Reunion” was rocking the parking lot Saturday, followed by soft drinks and free popcorn!  Several vendors were on hand including Loupe’s Collectibles, B.R. Harley Davidson and a guy with some really cool polishes and waxes.  Don’t forget the food vendor with jambalaya, hot dogs and hamburgers!  Next year we plan on even more stuff to see and do.  And eat!  We will be back at the Holiday Inn South in Baton Rouge February 6-8, 2009, so stay tuned for more details. 

  Meanwhile check us out at WWW.STREETRODS.ORG for more info and a registration form.  We are in the process of redoing our website (the first car club in the world to have one), so stop by every so often.  And when you’re in town next year you might want to come a day early to check out some of the neat tourist attractions the Capitol City has to offer!




#1 Man I can’t catch a break.  Before I could charge up my brand new AC compressor the thing accidentally got turned on - and when that sucker froze up it liked to have scared me to death!  This time around Ken Valverde gave me a binary switch, so I have my fingers crossed! *tip: if your AC gauges are old and you detect a leak when pulling a vacuum like I did - Danny Varnado says it might be the o-rings in the gauges.  In my case it was!     

#2 DO NOT start your car through the window and work the throttle by hand at any public event!  We cannot stress this enough.  If you see someone doing this at a cruise night or car show, please go over and as politely as you can... kick their ass!

#3 When you’re checking the date code on your tires, don’t forget that spare!  The steel belts on the never-used space saver spare in my mom’s ‘96 Mercury recently blew apart; in the trunk!




   When is the last time you drove around with the windows down?  Since my AC troubles have forced me to “2/60" every day to work I have rediscovered the lure of the open road.  The sights, sounds and smells harken back to the days of 2 lane highways and a time when air conditioning was too complicated and/or expensive to put in street rods.  Next time there’s a nice cool morning crank  your windows down and enjoy the feel of wind in your face. And take in a little nature in the process!  

   Speaking of fun, I still can’t get over Bill Dixon’s ‘37 ford 4-door sedan.  That thing is Bitchin!  The tan primered hot rod features air bag suspension and a chopped top by Jimmy Meyer’s.  It really turned my crank even before Alice let me sit in it!  The average Joe doesn’t realize how much work goes into giving a car the right ‘look’ like that, in addition to a lot of planning and even more attention to detail.  Oh yeah, and a lot of talent!

   By the way don’t let Bill fool you with stories about how he found the car buried in the Iraq desert... or how Sadam Hussain lost his virginity in the back seat.  Then again if only our old cars could talk!  “Me, pick up a bunch of cheerleaders?  Honey, who are you going to believe, me or the stupid car?!”

  Hey, and speaking of history, do you know how rod runs started?  Bruce reminded us at a recent meeting that back in the day guys used to cruise over to the next town to visit and see what other car club’s were doing.  The host club usually bbq’d at someone’s house and one thing led to another - before you knew it door prizes were gathered and games were played... and outstanding rods were honored with a homemade trophy.

   Anyway the bottom line is that rod runs should cater to the entrant.  That’s why the Ramblin Oldies car club has kept entry fees low, offered awesome t-shirts for reasonable prices, and like a lot of other clubs we feed everyone at least once for free!  When you plop down your hard earned registration money you should get more than you pay for.  Oh, and whatever you do, keep it pre-‘49!  

    Cruise Safe      



Sept. 5-6 = Shades of the Past, Pigeon Forge TN.

Sept. 20th = 2nd Annual Bomber Bash - Roadway Inn, Bossier City, La.  Pre-60; rat rods, sleds, choppers... 318-470-4605

Sept. 21 = NSRA Appreciation Day, Wally Pontiff park in Metairie, La 10-4:00. Free food and drinks for participants!  504-559-2725


October 18 = RODS 2nd Ever Open Car Show!  Gerry Lane Hummer 10945 Reiger Road off I-10 in Baton Rouge, 9:00-3:00.  Music, trophies, FREE food! $20 day of show…

For more info: Lee (225)673-8562


Oct. 5-12 = Cruisin the Coast - Mississippi Gulf Coast

Nov. 3-9 = Emerald Coast Cruisin - Panama City Beach Florida

     Every Saturday Morning: RODS Breakfast at Rick’s Burgers - Florida Blvd at Flannery Rd, Baton Rouge. 7:00am till about 9:00am.  Good, inexpensive food and free coffee!

   Classic Chevy Club Cruise Night: First SUNDAY at the Sonic, Sherwood Forest Blvd. @ Old Hammond Hwy in B.R., 4:00-6:00

     Golden Oldies Cruise Night: Second Saturdays, Hobby Lobby parking lot on Hwy 190 in Hammond.  5:00 till

     Gerry Lane Enterprises Super Cruise Night: Third Saturdays at the Tanger Outlet Center in Gonzales. $1 entry 5:00-8:00

     Sonic Cruise night: @ Coursey Blvd. in B.R. Third SUNDAYS




   Our transplant from Virginia Harry Jenkins has discovered that antique glass door knobs have the same threads as Lokar shifters!  Yep, just screw ‘em on and tighten the set screw.

   Got a stain in your carpet?  Try scrubbing the discoloration with some Lysol brand kitchen wipes.  I’ve had good success using them on carpet and cloth seats.

   Danny Varnado’s latest project is chock full of electrical relays, and he says they will extend the life of most switches (especially your brake light switch)! 


.060 OVER

   According to Leo Bouquet it’s not how you break down, it’s where!  At a recent club meeting he blocked the driveway then his distributor proceeded to quit.  We had to fix the ‘41 before anyone could leave!  Guess who got the toilet seat that month?!

   Louisiana Motor Vehicle statutes RS 32:1301 - R.S.32:1314 states that following the following vehicles are exempt from obtaining a motor vehicle inspection: Motor vehicles that are 40 years old or older and used primarily for exhibition in shows, parades and tours and not for general transportation.

   Early June member Al Babin had knee surgery, but he’s doing better now.  Jerry Ramsey’s wife Judy is not doing very well; they had to make a trip to M.D.Anderson in Texas for more cancer treatments.  Also: Bruce’s dad broke his hip and Danny Frederic’s sister had a heart valve replacement.  And I’m sorry to report that both Spencer Farmer and Boogie Scott recently lost their wives.  Please keep all of them in your prayers.

   If you’re traveling on the Interstate around Baton Rouge and need assistance with a flat, dead battery or if you need a gallon of gas, call the MAP van at 379-1232.

   Man, I’m hearing some great stories about the Street Rod Nationals this year.  Even my brother went!  A total of 17 RODS club members made the trip and we had 11 street rods on the grounds!  Bob Duhon & the Braud’s were cooking up some Southern food in the parking lot and just ask Bruce about those doughnuts!    

   Louie Galy’s ‘48 Chevy pickup will soon appear in a magazine near you thanks to a photo shoot in Louisville!  And Roger Lambert’s ‘41 Plymouth sedan was picked as one of the Top 5 Mopar’s at the Nationals this year!  Unfortunately due to a timing mixup they gave the award to an alternate.  


   The next R.O.D.S. club meeting will be Tuesday Sept. 2nd at Doug Miller’s Toy Box off Seigen Lane.  Vsitors are welcome; we usually gather for supper at 6:15 with the meeting at 7:00.  For more info call Lee Laurent (225)673-8562.





P.O.Box 61

Denham Springs, La.