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     In March the RODS club were pleased to host the 2006 La NSRA Appreciation Day with State Rep Larry Teal and Safety Inspector Kenny Angelo.  We felt it only fair as the New Orleans clubs have always showed us a good time when we were down there in the past.  About 75 cars came out to enjoy the perfect day and we raised over $3,100.00 toward the Gulf Coast Rodders Hurricane Fund.  Special thanks to the Revival Temple church in Walker who came out and cooked/donated some great jambalaya for us. 

     April 8th most of the club went down to the Baton Rouge Corvette Club’s St Jude Benefit car show down in Plaquemine.  Wonderful time with a ton of cars.  They even gave each entrant a plaque with their picture on it!  Gene and Tricia Suelzle had their awesome orange coupe out - that thing is fine! 




     It was nice coming back to Baton Rouge for the 28th Annual R.O.D.S. Run.  The Holiday Inn South is incredible with it’s huge atrium and 3 pools... and right on Airline Hwy!  There were plenty of spectators throughout the weekend, but attendance was down due to some rain and the fact that 4 other car shows were going on the same weekend. 

  Check it out - next year our run will be February 2-4, 2007!  Yep, we’re shooting for cooler weather so everyone can wear their car club jackets.  And with the indoor heated pool - you can still swim!  (We think of everything!)

   We are gearing back up to the “full service” rod run we used to throw at the Quality Suites.  Free food Friday, more games Saturday, burgers or something on the grounds for lunch, live entertainment at night and more awards.  In addition to the participant chosen Top 10, RODS club members will be picking rods with outstanding paint, engines, interior, and engineering.  AND how about a $500.00 cash grand prize?!  It will be a fun time!

  Hey back to 2006 - the big story was club member Sidney Acosta.  He bought a ‘32 Ford 5-window coupe hot rod back in 1963, and it has sat under a tarp in his garage ever since!  He never ‘got around to’ getting it running.  Well a couple of years ago Sidney’s health started going downhill so he took it to Chris Jarreau.  

   Sidney did not know it but his son Lee and Chris got the car running for our rod run, and that Saturday morning they picked him up from the assisted living center in it!  He arrived to a standing ovation, and from his wheelchair was beaming all day in front of HIS hot rod.  Too cool.




   While at a cruise night in Hammond I watched a guy in a “rat rod” pulling out to leave.  His motor killed, and a chill went up my spine as he cranked it in gear!  Fortunately the car only jumped a foot when the motor caught.  Can you imagine what would have happened if he had pumped some gas in the carb? 

   No matter if you have a daily driver or a $100,000 show car; PUT IN A NEUTRAL SAFETY SWITCH... and make sure it works.  This is a good time to plug your local NSRA Safety Inspection Team!

   Lets talk about simple stuff you keep in your rod like a good flashlight.  I recently broke down on the side of a dark interstate only to find my batteries were dead.  One of those “hand crank” flashlights would be a good item for your emergency kit... 

   Since our cars are not driven every day, usually time catches up with us before normal wear and tear on items such as tires and batteries (and 4-bar bushings).  These should be on your spring and fall check list of things to watch out for.  




*R.O.D.S. newsletter circulation = 300+ the net!*

Wanted: 2 (or 4) 15" wheels and tires with Chrysler 5 x 4 ½ bolt pattern for mock up only.  King  (225)927-1890


Wanted: 1933 or 34 Ford 4-door sedan.  Call Joel 225-753-7223


For Sale: Cragar S/S chrome mags and tires, ft P205/60-15 on 15X6" rims, 5" pattern.  Rear P265/50-15's on 15X8" unilug 4.5 to 5" pattern. $200.00  Also: 10 leaf ft. spring 31.5" eye ctrs $70.00, 1946 Ford ft wishbone $30.00, Corvair Steering box $50.00

Steve (225)654-2608




     If you are reading this, chances are you are a street rodder with a street rod.  Pop quiz: Is it running?  I have been very lucky to have built 2 hot rods (before marriage and kids).  But I see a lot of guys who are still ‘waiting.’  Maybe waiting to retire, or waiting on that house remodeling project, or waiting for that last kid to get through college... 

     Well being grounded for a couple of months really opens your eyes as to what you miss most.  And shows how little time we might have!  Man, don’t keep putting it off - do something on your car right now!  An hour a night is sometimes all it takes to get your street rod on the road.  Then you can cruise down the interstate with crazy redneck’s hanging out their windows trying to get a picture of you with their cell phone!!!   

     At a recent breakfast Louie Galy showed up in a gorgeous red ‘48 Chevy pickup he bought off a guy in Slidell.  Frenched headlights and antenna, beautiful oak bed...  We are seeing more and more RODS members buying and selling finished cars and this is an excellent option for those rodders that can’t seem to get their project on the road. 

   The same morning Doug Schaubhut was in a Chevy Astro van he and his wife bought out of California.  The new “Embroid Me” shop truck (225-293-7388) is two tone silver over root beer with copper microflake and awesome flames!

    We spend so much time in traffic - THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR A HOT RODDER TO DRIVE BORING STUFF!




August 18-20 = Red Neck Nationals, Hammond La.  200+ cars, special “live” entertainment, vendors...

Sept. 1-3 = Freedom Rod Run, Multi club event. Baymont Inn Slidell La.  Pre-49 for info call Bobby (985)643-4224

Sept 24th = NSRA Appreciation Day, Metairie, La.  Food & drinks, NSRA Inspections, sound system, Toys for Tots donations, more.


     Every Saturday Morning: R.O.D.S. “Cruise Breakfast” @Rick’s Burgers - Florida Blvd. At Flannery Rd, Baton Rouge. 7:00am till about 8:30 or 9.  Everyone is invited to “brung what you run!”

     First Saturdays: Denham Springs Cruise Night, Win Dixie parking lot, Florida Blvd. @ Range Ave.

     Second Saturdays:  Golden Oldies Cruise Night - Hammond Square Mall @ I-12, Hammond La. 7-11:00.

     Third Saturdays:  Gerry Lane Super Cruise Night - Tanger Outlet Center in Gonzales, March-Oct.  Music, 50/50, cold drinks.  $1.00 cover charge. Call Homer at (225)686-0260 for more info




     More “Best of the RODS club member’s tips”... heh heh


  1. Hot Rod Defroster - Leave it to Doug Miller for over the top accessories.  Doug has adapted the infamous flame throwers to his windshield washer jets.  In cold weather if your windshield ices up - BAROOOOOM!  No more ice.  (Caution: if you use these on your streetrod first coat the painted surfaces with that stuff you see on TV where the guy sets fire to his hood...)

  2.  Louver Lover - I’m not sure if this one will catch on, but Steve Popovic says he has come up with some special louvered toilet paper that is supposed to do the job with half the product.  He is currently looking for volunteer test subjects to try the stuff out so if you’re feeling adventurous, or just plain cheap - give Steve a call.


  3.  Cell Phone Keeper - C.G. Mouch will appear on “American Inventor” this fall with his newest creation.  By hooking a retractable key fob to your cell phone you don’t have to worry about your girlfriend losing her’s in a porta potty at the next car show.

  4.  Street Beast II - Our own Nolan Tollett has come up with a kit to mount a fiberglass street rod body to a late model Ford Taurus chassis.  It looks like crap, but the special $49.95 brackets he sells come with a free junk donor car!

  5.  Old School - Drive through grass from time to time?  Homer Thornton says to put some curb feelers on your front axle.  They will warn you when you are about to run over a stump and tear off your oil filter.  HEY- That means he gets the club “Driver’s Seat Award!”  Whew, I’m tired of carrying it around in my rod!



.060 OVER

  Doug Schaubhut has taken over the RODS Treasurer’s duties from King Hardeman.  King says he will still help out whenever necessary - and that is the key to a successful hot rod club.  Every member helping out!  We look for good things under Doug’s term, and fortunately King hasn’t gotten any bites on his coupe so hopefully we’ll see him driving it for a long time...

   Wait till you see Doug Miller’s new ‘32 Highboy Roadster.  You want to talk wild?!  Doug’s blue and silver rod has a Dodge Viper V-10 motor and 5 zoomie headers on each side!

   What are some of the other local guys doing?  Kevin Abadie put his Cobra project on hold to re-do a hole in the water you put money...  Oops, I mean a twin big block powered ‘play boat!’  Nolan Tollett is next in line to have Chris put the final touches on his Model A coupe.  Jag rear end, V8, Arh Arh Arh.  Lee Laurent has his ‘37 Chevy down for a new suspension but Mike Gomez is too busy winning trophies with his chopped ‘55 to even think about his streetrod.  Ha!  

   There’s a new kid in town with a pin striping brush!  Travis Todd was at a recent Tanger Cruise night putting down lines on Jerry Ramsey’s coupe.  To check out some of his work on cars, trucks, ice chests and toilet seats... call 225-405-4507. 

  The R.O.D.S. club donated $500.00 to The Gulf Coast Street Rodder’s Hurricane Relief Fund, then at our rod run we helped raise $400.00 for the Hospice Foundation of Baton Rouge.  Well at the last club meeting we decided to cut the Hospice Foundation another check for $500.00.  That’s what it’s all about guys - helping others when you can. 


The next R.O.D.S. club meeting has been pushed back a week to Tuesday August 8th at “Dad’s,” Nolan Tollett’s used car place on Airline Hwy across from Don’s Seafood.  Visitors are welcome; we usually gather about 6:30 for supper, with the meeting starting around 7:00. For more info call Lee Laurent (225)673-8562.