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The Connecting R.O.D.S. newsletter, is sponsored by the Ramblin Oldies of Denham Springs, Inc. to promote street rodding and the construction and preservation of pre 1949 street rods.  Articles do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the R.O.D.S. members or its officers.  Classified ads are free of charge:  R.O.D.S., P.O. Box #61, Denham Springs, La. 70727 or call (club secretary) Bobby Spann at (225)275-9868/E-mail: bobbyspann@aol.com     




        The Ramblin Oldies have come full circle, returning to the Holiday Inn South in Baton Rouge starting with the 2006 R.O.D.S. Run.  Our 28th annual event will be held at the newly remodeled facility on Airline Highway at Interstate 12.  It is very convenient to area restaurants and other nearby attractions.  Heck, Celebration Station is right across the street and they have go karts!  For reservations call (225) 924-7021 and ask for the special $69. rod run rate.  Or go to www.ichotelsgroup.com to pull up a virtual tour of the Holiday Inn South.

  The Holidome features a huge atrium with restaurant, bar and indoor/outdoor pool, beautiful rooms and (Bradley Duvernet will love this) another 2 swimming pools outside!  The date will be May 19-21, 2006. PLEASE NOTE: Since this newsletter was published the date has changed to May 5-7, 2006. We have some great plans like free bbq Friday night with hot rod “Drive In” movies, free shuttle to The Mall of Louisiana, more and new games, and of course our awesome R.O.D.S. Run T-SHIRTS!  Saturday afternoon we will all cruise down to Tanger Outlet Center for Gerry Lane’s Super Cruise Night.  Chili’s, Cracker Barrel, 200+ cars...  Too cool.


***Please note the RODS club is no longer associated in any way with the St Francisville “Cruising in the Country” car show. ***



Put it in “D”

   The RODS Club “Wives Appreciation Day” outing at Kenny and Cindy Spinosa’s camp on False River in July was awesome with over 30 people attending!  There was plenty of shade under the trees and on thier covered pier.  Kenny had 2 jet ski’s waiting for us in the water, and fishing poles & bait for the kids too.  More food than we could eat, bbq burgers and hot dogs, desserts including one of my famous “screw cakes...” Arh Arh Arh              Members were amazed at my speed on the jet ski (turns out it was full of water), then Kevin Abadie and his wife joined in the fun on the ‘faster’ one.  Their daughter and cousin swam while everyone hung out in lawn chairs and watched the boats go by.  We will definitely do this again!  Thanks Kenny and Cindy!

   Wow, talk about a cool car club meeting - August 9th we met at Tim’s Engines in Denham Springs.  They have a spotless shop with some serious equipment including state of the art flow bench and 3,000hp engine dyno.  Tim explained how they can check each cylinder for power, flow and temperature, and adjust heads, carbs and fuel injection as necessary.  They campaign a national record holding E/S Camaro, and by tuning the motor to a specific barometric pressure they can rejet it for max output at any track or altitude.  Thanks to Tim and his son for cooking us some great jambalaya, beans and a ton of desserts.  It’s no surprise that 29 active RODS members were there to eat it up!  If want to put a serious motor in your rod or just check out the one you have already - call Tim Whittington at (225)664-4931.



                   TECH DEPARTMENT

   One of the resident A/C experts in the club was listening to my long problem with a slow leak in my hot rod.  He said that by my adding a can of freon every year, lighter gasses were leaking out first - so eventually I had mostly heavy stuff in the system.  Course I never changed out the dryer either which is another problem that needs to be addressed soon.

   Kenny Allen, our own amateur Mythbuster, proved the theory that wearing rings while working near a car battery is not on the ‘good idea’ list.  A misplaced wrench shorted out on his battery terminal and he almost lost a finger when his wedding ring arched!  Be careful out there guys!


FOR SALE: 2 Cragar 15X6 w/P205-60/15, 2 Cragar 15X8 w/P235-70/15 Unilug 4.5-5" pattern. $200.00 all 4.  Steve (225)654-2608



 JUST CRUISIN'  by Bobby

   I want to congratulate the “old” clubs that are still together and still throwing real rod runs!  I think the reason the RODS club has lasted so long is that our club is made up of ACTIVE members.  They all attend monthly club meetings, cruise nights and club functions.  Moreover they all work for and during our rod run!  Everyone contributes at their own level, but everyone contributes. 

  I get calls from time to time from street rodders wanting to join the Ramblin’ Oldies car club, only they live out of town or out of state.  Our only rules are that prospective members attend 3 consecutive meetings; #1 to show us that their wives will let them out on the first Tuesday of each month, and #2 so we can get to know them, and they can see what we really do at the meetings.  THEN they can decide if they want to join. 

   Car clubs aren’t for everyone.  Just think about it - we are in a hobby where individuality is the rule!  So to get 20 or 30 guys all thinking along the same lines is really impressive.  Now I realize there are so called “car clubs” out there with no dues, no meetings, etc. but in 27 years of being a RODS club member I have found that you get out of a hobby what you put into it.  And without the active, working car clubs we wouldn’t have any more  real 3-day pre 1949 rod runs to attend!  Give ‘em a big hand and better yet, your registration money.

           Cruise Safe   



August 18-21 = Two State Rodders Run - 2000 Morrison Blvd/Hammond La. (Holiday Inn) Randy (601)684-2609    Pre ‘49

September 2-4 = Freedom Rod Run - Covington La. Hosted by the I.R.O.N.S. club.  Dash plaque AND awards for everybody.  Call Bobby for more info (985)643-4224     Pre ‘49

September 17 = Golden Oldies 4th Annual Auto Show - Zemurray Park in Hammond.  Dash plaques, 50/50, goodie bags, oldies music 3:00-7:30.  Call (225)294-2525 for details.  Goldenoldiesmotorclub.org

September 25 - NSRA Louisiana Appreciation Day South, Metairie La...  Larry 225-665-6961

October 22 - S.O.B. Benefit XVIII, Clearview Mall on Veterans Mem. Blvd in Metairie. 8:00-4:00  (504)282-1464.


     Every Saturday Morning: R.O.D.S. “Cruise Breakfast”, Rick’s Drive Inn - Florida Blvd. At Flannery Rd, Baton Rouge 7:30am  

     Second Saturdays:  Golden Oldies Cruise Night - Hwy 190 in the Hobby Lobby parking lot, Hammond La.  BBQ & Burgers, 50/50 and wall to wall spectators...

     Third Saturdays: “Super Cruise Night” sponsored by Gerry Lane Enterprises; Tanger Outlet Center in Gonzales La. Next to Chili’s.  Sound system, cold drinks, 50/50 & door prizes, $1.00 entry fee. 

     Fourth Saturdays: Walker Cruise Night, Walker La. off I-12.  Sound system, cold drinks, 50/50.


.060 OVER

   Just mailed off some 2005 RODS Run shirts to our friend in New Zealand which got me thinking - how about a “Where Ya At” section on our website?  Send us a picture of yourself in a RODS Run t-shirt, at home, on vacation or wherever you are.  Then Mike Lewis will post it.  And the one farthest away from Baton Rouge will win a special prize!  Heh heh heh

   Elections were held in August and the new RODS officers are:  Lee Laurent Pres, Danny Frederic VP, King Hardeman Treas and myself (Bobby) Secretary.  This would be a good time to thank Homer Thornton for all his hard work in promoting the RODS club as club President for a record number of years!

   I am not making this up - a reliable source tells me that shortly after Randy Wilson bought Bruce’s convertible he went and picked up Tuna Thompson for some drop top cruising.  Apparently a sharp eyed policeman figured they HAD to have stolen the car and promptly pulled them over!  Go figure...

   All my RODS buddies went to the NSRA Street Rod Nationals this year, and all I got was an autographed poster of Norm Grabowski!  Ha!  More than a dozen club members had a 20X20 tent rented by the entrance, and the movie star hung out with them most of the weekend - even following the crew home!  Took his big “Henway” down to Jimmy Meyers shop in New Orleans to put an aluminum bed on the back to lighten it up a ton or two...

  Homer was sitting across the way from the club during the concert one night when Bruce started dancing up in the stands.  Some guy next to him looked up and remarked “Oh that’s just those crazy Louisiana boys!” Ahhh Eeeee!


Last but not Least

   Speaking of Bruce Broussard... he returned from the Nationals with a ‘40 Chevy coupe and that thing is bright RED.  Said he needs to put a cruise control in it though, cause the thing wants to run on the highway!  Doug Miller just added another  streetrod to his stable also, a 1934 Ford Panel truck.  From what I hear it is another fine automobile.  He loves those commercials! 

  On a sad note, long time antique car collector John Copes recently lost all of his cars in a warehouse fire. In addition to some very rare vintage stuff, the fire also destroyed all of his papers and a lot of memorabilia.  I know we all feel for him.

   I’m gonna have to give the “Dukes of Hazzard a thumbs up.  I mean 90% was awesome car chases and 5% was Daisy Duke!  On top of that the ‘must have’ soundtrack included ZZ Top, The Allman Bros, AC/DC, The James Gang...  I’ll buy it! 



The next R.O.D.S. club meeting will be Tuesday September 6th at Danny Frederic’s shop in Prairieville.  We usually start gathering about 6:30 for supper, and the meeting starts at 7:00.  Visitors are welcome to come out and see what we are all about.  Call Lee Laurent 225)673-8562 for details.




P.O. BOX 61