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   Wow, it’s hard to believe Christmas is already here! We just had our annual club party and it was FANTASTIC!  Delicious food, a fun gift exchange and great people!  A big thanks to Marvin and Dianne Miller for hosting us in their beautiful new house.

   Did you know?  The Ramblin Oldies car club is made up of 27 members, and all but a few attend every meeting and most area events! You may not have seen us in the past cause we blend in so well in a rod run t-shirt.  But look for the familiar R.O.D.S. club shirt at more events in the future. 

   Looking back, the last big show - in Opelousas at Evangeline Downs - was one of the best.  Fifteen RODS members in 11 hot rods caravanned to the run!!! (Homer had the video at our Christmas party).  It was a perfect day and there were close to 300 cars in the parking lot to see...  The RODS club found a little ‘34 Ford pickup we really liked, so Robbie Long from Boyce, La. went home with our club choice trophy.

      Kenny Allen was in the winners circle in Ft Worth, winning 2 awards with his big Packard, and the PPG pick with his Minotti.  Then he went up to Arkansas and cleaned up there too.  Couple of month’s ago Bruce Broussard and Louie Galy went over to North Carolina to crew Dick Walendal’s Firebird for speed week, where he set a new record at 194 miles an hour!  He has since broken the 200 mph barrier!  Way to go!   

       The R.O.D.S. club tent at the Nationals this summer was packed the whole week.  With a great corner spot behind our airbrushed banner, it was the place to be all week.  Especially when “Chicken Man” Jimmy Meyers showed up!  NEWS FLASH - Benny and I already have a room for the 2007 Street Rod Nationals!

   Speaking of the Nats, there were 4 South Louisiana cars on the floor at the awards ceremony including 2 Ramblin Oldies members.  Kenny Allen has the distinction of being one of the only “Pro’s Pick” cars to actually drive to and from Louisville, and Marvin Miller got an NSRA safety award with his beautiful metallic blue Chevy convertible.

   Club member Sidney Acosta and his 2 sons were at Louisville with his circa 1962 Little Deuce Coupe, having a blast.  Well, that is until someone stole their trailer!  Unbelievable what some sleazy people will do for a quick buck.  Moral: go that extra step - lock  your trailer TO something then flatten or remove the tires on one side...  Or paint the damn thing pink!



-29th ANNUAL R.O.D.S. RUN-

   The year long work and planning is really gonna pay off for our 2007 event.  The Holiday Inn South will again be the host hotel February 2-4, 2007, with it’s beautiful atrium, restaurant and indoor swimming pool...  We are trying to get back to the run we used to throw at the Quality Suites, with free food Friday night, more and different games and a live band Saturday night! 

   For the first time we have actually added to the awards.  In addition to the usual participant chosen Top 10, the RODS club will be giving special awards for the Best Paint, Engine, Interior and Engineered cars.  Add to that more than a dozen beautiful acrylic sponsor trophies, club picks and the $500.00 grand prize...

   The new date should cool things off some and allow rodders a first chance to show off their winter projects!  Remember we throw our rod run for other rodders, putting in a lot of time and effort to gather door prizes, plan and execute the run.  So we hope you will make plans to attend the 2007 R.O.D.S. Run in Baton Rouge!!!




   Checked the grease in your wheel bearings lately?  I just read where most wheel bearing/chassis grease has a shelf life of about 5 years.  THAT is something I didn’t know!

   And be sure to check the gauge on your shop fire extinguishers.  One of mine recently went down into the red zone... so I’m taking the opportunity to let my teenage daughter put out a real fire with it in the back yard.  Practice makes perfect.

   Street rodders aren’t immune to scams!  I recently got an email from someone wanting to pay the RODS club to put a link on our website.  The wording was very similar to some of the popular Nigerian scams going around.  Sure; just give them our bank account number so they can deposit some money in it...     

   So beware of someone who wants to buy your car sight unseen and offers to send you more money than you’re asking - so you can pay some third party for shipping costs.  You KNOW that check they sent you is gonna bounce!




Wanted: 1983-89 Camaro parts car with V6/auto.  Danny (225)270-1259


For Sale: T-Bucket - tuned port, jag rear. Award winning interior. Highly detailed. $19,000. Call King 225-927-1890 or whutzat@aol.com


Wanted: Dual 4 bbl. Intake for 283 Chevy.  Also looking for 2 Carter Carbs to go with it.  George   Remmetter00@aol.com


Ever read the “Letters” section in StreetScene magazine?  There’s always one in there from some guy who wants to do away with awards at rod runs.  They give different reasons; one guy even wrote that the only fair way to give trophies is to put everyone’s number in a hat and draw names?!  What?

   Now you have to assume these guys don’t drive the most bitchin’ street rods in the world!  I’ve been doing the rod run thing since the late seventies and I’ve seen some questionable picks,  but they were few and far between.  Twenty years ago they gave best paint, interior, engine...  We all sat at the awards and nodded our heads as one talented builder after another went up to receive the recognition he deserved for all his hard work.  And 9 times out of 10 we were the one’s voting.  Guys who built street rods ourselves.     Then came guys who built a car so far above the rest we were just blown away.  And they would walk away with all the marbles.  It’s not easy to win an award.  Especially today with all the ‘store-bought’ stuff available.  Most likely you need a fresh car that fits in with the latest trend or style.  But if you notice it’s not always the highest buck car that wins; it’s the one that sits just right and has all the neat little details.  Heck, one of the finest cars in our club is black primer with steel wheels..!      I once won a Best Coupe trophy in Laurel Mississippi, and as you can imagine I was thrilled.  Then I almost won one with my Model A sedan except my timing was off.  And Bruce’s wasn’t!  Ha!  Point is, with a little more work I probably could have won more gold.  But that’s not why I’m into street rodding.  I like driving my rod and hanging with guys that make me laugh.  And have more talent in their little finger than I have in my whole body.

Being in a car club has taught me a lot, and not only about mechanics.  Like I always say; Anybody can impress Joe Public, but it takes a lot to impress other street rodders.  So why not reward those guys who have the really cool cars?!  




January 19-21: World of Wheels, New Orleans Superdome



January 26-28: Diamondhead Run, Mississippi Gulf Coast


February 2-4: 29th Annual R.O.D.S. Run, Baton Rouge, La.


Every Saturday Morning: R.O.D.S. “Cruise Breakfast” @Rick’s Burgers - Florida Blvd. At Flannery Rd, Baton Rouge. 7:00am till about 8:30 or 9.  Everyone is invited to “brung what you run!”


Winter Cruise Night: First Saturdays Pep Boy’s Auto on Airline Hwy by I-12.  3:00 till 6:00 sound system, cold drinks...




.060 OVER by Benny Spann


Former R.O.D.S. members Howard & Hauna McChristian took in a family of eight displaced by Hurricane Katrina as well as some Associated Press reporters, camera crews and others.  Hauna said their experience was not a bad one - but a great one.  Her picture was in the Baton Rouge newspaper “The Advocate” recently.  Yep, that’s the Howard and Hauna we remember!


Former RODS club member Bryan Rachal passed away, but his son seems to be carrying on Bryan’s tradition of building custom cars.  Shane Rachal and Brandon Weldon were in a feature article in “225BatonRouge Magazine” about the pair’s B.R. based business restoring muscle cars.  They have sold a couple of cars at the Barrett-Jackson auction and plan to do four more next year.  For you onliners you can check out the article at:



   Jerry Wallace, our contact with The Advocate’s “Wheels Section” died recently at the age of 59.  Jerry was always out at our rod run with a camera around his neck and a pad and pen in his hand, and did a lot to give the RODS club some good publicity.  He will be greatly missed.  You can check out the article at:



The next R.O.D.S. club meeting will be Tuesday January 2nd at Doug Miller’s “Toy Box” off Seigen Lane.  Visitors are welcome; we usually gather about 6:30 for supper, with the meeting starting around 7:00. For more info call Lee Laurent (225)673-8562.









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